Foreign students

The City

São Carlos is a Brazilian city located in the State of São Paulo, near its geographic centre, and a distance of 231 km from the City of São Paulo (the state capital). São Carlos has a population of 221,936 inhabitants.


The climate of the city of São Carlos is very unstable. During the day it is quite hot and at night it cools a little. The high altitude tropical climate is with a dry winter and a rainy summer, but very inconsistent, because throughout the day there are many variations of temperature. The average temperature is from 15,3°C to 32,0°C.


The duration of the trip from São Paulo to São Carlos is about 3 hours and 30 minutes to 4 hours.


University Campus

The campus of São Carlos is divided into the south and north areas (in Portuguese: Sul and Norte). This information intends to assist you to be located inside the campus so that you can arrive by bus without major problems.

In the South area we can find: the Rectory, the International Relations Office/General Secretariat for International Relations (SRInter), the buildings where the Humanities and Biology undergraduate majors are taught (commonly known as by AT = Theoretical Classes 1, 2 and 8), the Humanities and Physical Education Departments, the swimming pool, sports gym and the Bank of Brazil.

There is a lake which separates the two areas.

In the North area we can find: The RU (University Restaurant); the Exact Sciences, Technological and Health Sciences Departments of and their respective laboratories; the, AT4, AT5, AT6, AT7, AT9 and AT10; the BCo (Community Library); the Sin (Secretariat of Informatics) in which students can access the internet for free 24 hours a day, including Sundays and holidays; The Florestan Fernandes Theater; the Bento Prado amphitheater, etc.

There is a free bus inside the campus that goes from the north to the south area. This bus is called: CIRCULAR

It´s worth mentioning that UFSCar is located far from downtown.


Arrival at CAMPUS

When arriving at the UFScar Campus in the city of São Carlos, you should go to the Office of Graduate Program in Physical Therapy.

Graduate Program in Physical Therapy: North area


Visa Application

Student visa (Temporary IV) is required for students who wish to study in the Graduate Program in Physical Therapy – PPGFT.

The visa must be obtained in the student´s country of origin at the Brazilian Consulate overseas. Information about the documents required to obtain the visa can be found at the aforementioned consulates.

Customs Arrival Information

Once you have arrived at the customs, you need to present your passport in order to get the entrance stamp, because if they seal only the passage, you will have to return to the border to carry out the process correctly. It´s also important to keep your visa request intact (this document can not be blurred, erased), once you will have to give it the to the federal police, to regularize your immigration situation in Brazil.

Registration of Foreigners in the Federal Police

According to the 30th article of the Law n. 6.815/80, all foreigner holding temporary visas must register to the Federal Police within 30 days from the arrival in the host country, under penalty of fine and deportation. Deportation occurs 100 days after the expiration date for the effectiveness of the registration.

(*) as São Carlos Federal Police Office (FPO) is a new office, it is not shown in the list of FPO in the site above neither the person will be able to make in appointment, therefore you have to choose Araraquara Office, even though the foreigners will present himself/herself at FPO in São Carlos.


After that, the foreigner must attend in person at Federal Police¹ with the following documents:

  • National Register of Foreigners form to be fully fulfilled. It is available at the following site:;
  • 02 recent 3x4size color photos with white background;
  • Valid passport and copy of the pages already used. They must notarized;
  • Application for a visa form that has been issued by the Consulate (this document can not be defaced, illegible or with abbreviated names. If so, the foreigner must go to the Consulate of his/her country and request the “Current Certificate of Consular Registration” provided by the consular authority who issued the visa);
  • 02 fees paid through the form “Guia de Recolhimento da União (GRU)”. For the form, please access.

Instructions to fill the forms “Guia de Recolhimento da União (GRU).”

1st form:

Unidade Arrecadadora (collecting unit): SP (102-3) DELEGACIA DE POLÍCIA FEDERAL EM ARARAQUARA/ SP ((Federal Police in Araraquara/SP)

Código da Receita STN (revenue code): 140082 – REGISTRO DE ESTRANGEIROS/ RESTABELECIMENTO DE REGISTROS (Foreigners’ register) (Cost: R$106,45)



2nd form:

Unidade Arrecadadora (collecting unit): SP (102-3) DELEGACIA DE POLÍCIA FEDERAL EM ARARAQUARA/ SP (Federal Police in Araraquara/SP)

Código da Receita STN (revenue code): 140120 – CARTEIRA DE ESTRANGEIRO DE PRIMEIRA VIA (Foreign ID Card (RNE)– 1st issue) (Cost: R$204,77)



Total cost: R$311,22 per person

Only after submitting, in person, all the documents to the Federal Police the registration is completed and and. Foreign ID Card (RNE) will be issued.

The RNE emission will take approximately 60 days. For follow-up of RNE access supplying the number printed in the protocol issued by the Federal Police when the registration was made.

If the RNE is available, the foreigner must, in person, attend at the Federal Police with the protocol number.




(¹) Federal Police Office in São Carlos

Iguatemi Shopping Mall

Adress: 200, Passeio dos Flamboyants Street

Service hours for foreigners: the delivery of passwords starts at 1:30 pm and it is limited to 15 passaword only. The service is from 2 to 5 pm.



Students must bring the following documents in order to be enrolled at the university:

  • Copy of the passport;
  • Copy of life insurance policy, which must cover accident, illness and sanitary and funeral repatriation;
  • 4 photos size 3 X 4 cm with white background;
  • Copy of the protocol of regularization of immigration status is required up to 45 days after the arrival of the student. The Brazilian ID, called RNE “National Registration of Foreigners”, will be available in about 60 days after going to the federal police and it´s the student´s responsibility to get it and present it at SRInter;
  • Visa;
  • CPF (This is an important document for students to open a bank account or buy a chip for a cell phone, etc.).




The students may issue the document called “CPF”, in the Brazilian diplomatic representation abroad for the occasion of visa application.

The issuance of the CPF is free.


Please see the following link: