The Master´s program was created on Oct 16th, 1996 and recommended by CAPES on 12/19/1996. The PhD program was recommended on 12/14/2001. Both courses were the first to be offered in the area of Physical Therapy in Brazil. The Graduate Program in Physical Therapy at UFSCar (PPGFT UFSCar) received score 6/7 in CAPES in 2009 and, from 2014 onwards, it was promoted by PROEX-CAPES. This program aims to provide an academic environment where students can build up a theoretical and methodological repertoire whereby they are able to carry out the activities of a higher education lecturer and researcher.

Due to the accreditation of new faculty members in recent years, PPGFT UFSCar reconsidered its study area and lines of research. Having the approval of the Graduate Committee in Physical Therapy and the UFSCar Graduate Committee, from 2017 PPGFT UFSCar started offering a major in “Physical Therapy and Functional Performance” and five lines of research. Therefore, research projects and production are aligned with the majors and lines of research.