- Courses: Concentration Area

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FIT 111: Skeletal Muscle Plasticity: Implications for Physical Therapy (.pdf 101kb)
FIT 150: Scientific Writing 1 (.pdf 80.3kb)
FIT 151: Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Research Plan (.pdf 79.6kb)
FIT 152: Research Ethics (.pdf 101kb)
FIT 153: Teaching Methods in Physical Therapy (.pdf 76.9kb)
FIT 154: Neurofunctional Physical Therapy (.pdf 94kb)
FIT 155: Pain: Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment (.pdf 88kb)
FIT 156: Evaluation and Intervention in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physical Therapy (.pdf 89kb)
FIT 157: Clinical Biomechanics: Basic Concepts, Methods, and Applications (.pdf 83.4kb)
FIT 158: Scientific Presentation (.pdf 78.1kb)
FIT 512: Supervised Teaching Training in Physical Therapy I (.pdf 80.4kb)
FIT 516: Supervised Teaching Training in Physical Therapy II (.pdf 81kb)
FIT 531: Supervised Teaching Training in Physical Therapy III (.pdf 80.6kb)
DIP 030: Biostatistics (.pdf 77kb)

- Courses: Topics

FIT 506: Topics in Musculoskeletal System Plasticity (.pdf 80kb)
FIT 509: Topics in Typical and Pathological neurosensoriomotor Development of infants (.pdf 73kb)
FIT 513: Topics in Cardiovascular Physical Therapy (.pdf 75.5kb)
FIT 519: Topics in Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapy (.pdf 77kb)
FIT 520: Topics in Pulmonary Physical Therapy Interventions (.pdf 83.5kb)
FIT 524: Topics in Gynecologic and Obstetric Care in Physical Therapy (.pdf 75.4kb)
FIT 525: Topics in Functional Analysis of Normal and Pathologic Conditions of the Synovial Joint (.pdf 81.7kb)
FIT 530: Topics in Sports Physical Therapy (.pdf 83.3kb)
FIT 532: Topics in Evaluation and Intervention in Neurological Physical Therapy (.pdf 77.2kb)
FIT 541: Topics in Shoulder Complex Evaluation and Intervention (.pdf 83kb)
FIT 552: Topics in Methods of Evaluation and Intervention in Inpatient and Outpatient Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy (.pdf 78.2kb)
FIT 553: Topics in Epidemiological Data Analysis (.pdf 79.3kb)
FIT 566: Topics in Rheumatology Physical Therapy (.pdf 76.8kb)
FIT 567: Topics in Neurosciences applied to Physical Therapy (.pdf 74.7kb)
FIT 570: Tópicos in Evaluation and Treatment of Chronic Pain (.pdf 83.9kb)
FIT 579: Advanced Topics in Neurofunctional Physical Therapy in Childhood and Adolescence – Evidence-Based Biopsychosocial Approach (.pdf 88.4kb)
FIT 580: Topics in Research and Innovation in Work Physical Therapy and Ergonomics (.pdf 82.2kb)
FIT 581: Topics in Innovations in the Evaluation and Physical Therapy Intervention in Older Adults (.pdf 93kb)

- Other courses

FIT-120 - Evaluation and Functional Rehabilitation in Sports Injuries (.pdf 76.2kB)

FIT-132 - Introduction to Biostatistics (.pdf 74.9kB)

FIT-142 - Outline of Epidemiological Studies and Risk Measures Applied to Health (.pdf 78.8kB)

FIT-148 - Manual Therapeutic Resources in Musculoskeletal Disorders (.pdf 83.2kB)

FIT-529 - Topics in Functional Movement Analysis - Emphasis in Biomechanics Occupational (.pdf 77.6kB)